Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion goes tech

Hi everyone. I know that many people are into electronics today. Well, ever thought of how to get fashion on your phone? Well today, I'm going to show you a app.

Fashion Story
This game falls into the lifestyle area, and it's my favorite app.This game allows you to have your own store, or boutique. You can buy decor for your store, with many varieties. In order to succeed, you have to order clothes. As you make your way up levels, you unlock more clothing items and slots for ordering. You can only order a certain number of items at once. Each collection takes a different amount of time to complete, and the items expire if you do not display them on time. For example, if you order something that takes 1 day to arrive, it'll expire the next day.

On this game, there is also a social networking area. You can invite neighbors by adding there stormID. Every player creates an id to post on walls, which is basically like messaging. You can name your store anyway you want, and you and your neighbors can send gifts to each other. You can connect to Facebook, and twitter to earn gems.

Gems are bonuses to cash or gold. Gems are worth more money and they can help you unlock special items that can only be purchased by them. You can rush delivery with them, and many more.
Watch your store thrive, and enjoy this game. It's absolutely Free, and the graphics are also really nice. This game was made by Team Lava, and they have more games that you should check out.  Download it  in the app store;) 


Comment if you'd like me to do one next time! Also comment if you download!


  1. Grace this post is amazing! I still play fashion story and I think it is the most addicting game in the world. Keep doing posts like this, they attract readers


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