Friday, September 28, 2012

Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel Womenswear

Coco Chanel brought fashion into women. She transformed menswear into womenswear. She had the iconic suit, which was very beautiful. Many Celebrities have worn it including Jacqueline Kennedy.

   Chanel   Handbags

Chanel handbags are delicate beautiful objects. They are quilted and they come in many colors. I like the classic black. These purses usually range from about 3000 to 8000 dollars. Some could be even more. Some people will pay the money for it.

Is it worth it?

I think that Chanel handbags are worth it if you really want them. Remember that they are extremely delicate and they are made with extreme detail. It takes lots of hard work to make them and every likes these handbags. They have been in for a long time and they will always be in.

Chanel No.5

This perfume is probably the most loved perfume ever. It does smell good but some people think that it is for more mature people. It has a classic smell and everyone knows about it. No.5 has had many commercials and it's most famous spokesperson was Marilyn Monroe. She did a commercial a few decades ago where she splashed herself with this perfume. These usually cost about $90. Chanel has many more perfumes that you should try.

Coco Chanel-

Chanel is a very famous fashion designer. She had that sense of style that everyone liked. If it weren't for her, Women would only wear girly outfits.

                     -Beauty Queen

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty is all within

       Most people think that this is weird. However, I really like it. It really tells you how crayola doesn't make the color of your eyes. Crayola makes every color imaginable, but everyone is unique. Many people look at themselves as a ugly person. No on is ugly. Everyone is special in the way they look. Many people wear clothes to make them happy, but if you are truly confident, even a garbage bag looks good on you. Most people need to buy a lot of clothes just because they are not confident. The way you look is the way you look and you can't change that. No one looks like you. Everyone is different. It doesn't matter if you are the most popular girl in school.
      Why is it not important to be popular? Personally, I think that all that matters is  kindness. You will look at the populars in a different way from what I am going to say; they are confident because they need people to make fun of. Yeah, everyone knows that these girls are troublemakers and bullies. They will act so arrogant around you and try not to show the fact that you exist. However, the truth is, they are going to be working at  Grocery Stores when they grow up because they just don't care about grades or respect. If any popularity happens, it should be from how nice you are. Everyone has there own group and you should find that. You belong where you belong.

louis vuitton

            For almost every thing in life, you have to work for it.

I'm just an average person here who really likes fashion. I try my best to think of what I really want to wear. Fashion is creative and fun. It lets you express any feeling that you have. You could feel very dressy on one day and you can feel laid back the next. Fashion is unexpected. You never know what's in tomorrow.

         Whether you are dressy or laid back, you are still fashionable. You can get your idea's from anywhere. It can come from something you like or something you know a lot about. It's not neccasarily something you would wear for a walk in the park. It's not really meant to be worn anywhere except the runaway. Fashion Shows are really breathtaking and it'll keep your head over your toes because you never know what's going to be in. Usually, things that are in are based on what's going on at a popular Fashion show. This fashion show is based at a train station. Think of what you would wear to a train station?

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kate Middleton; Princess of Fashion and Great Britain

      The most fashionable person in the world might as well be Kate Middleton. She stunned in that beautiful Alexander McQueen gown on her wedding day almost two years ago. In fact, on her wedding, she did her own makeup. However, there is more to the Dutchess of Cambridge. Kate was a normal girl, an average girl, before she married Prince William . She wasn't born rich and wealthy. Kate is really is a fashionista, take a peek at what she wore last year.

 However, being a princess isn't so easy. Yeah you get to have the diamonds, and everything, but you still have to do duties. You represent Great Britain and you have to help and reach out to people who need support. You also have to keep in mind that everyone is tracking you. What you wear is a big deal. Everyone will have different opinions but you will have to face them. You have to go on overseas trips and host important events. Basically, it could be hard at sometimes.

    Kate has great taste and always looks gorgeous. She can pull any dress off and she always recycles her outfits. I like the fact that she recycles her outfits even though she doesn't have to worry about money. Most celebrities just wear an outfit and then throw it away.


   QUESTION; what is your favorite outfit from Kate's wardrobe in 2011?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Karmin Looks

   I love this band. She is a great singer and i just love her hair. The band's name is Karmin and they were discovered on youtube. Here is a video of  there hit song.

   The suicide roll looks gorgeous but I suggest that you only wear it to big parties or events. I really like the look but just not the name. My friend is a cheerleader and she has been trying to get her hair to look like that. I did try to get my hair like that, but I successfully failed.

             The Song

  i really like the song brokenhearted. I think Karmin has a good voice. In fact, they were discovered on youtube. Karmin was discovered by Ellen who let them play on her show.

Beginning of Fashion

    Hi Fashion lovers-  stay tooned to get the best fashion advice. If you wanna look good, it's all here. I 'm really passionate about fashion. I want to look my best for everything that I do. I want to make people feel better about themselves. Some people are just so jealous of others because they are wearing something that they like. However, you don't have to have lot's of clothes. You just have to open your eyes and look at that closet of yours. You don't want to buy everything you like and then look at a huge messy closet. You want to buy the things you need.

     To start of with fashion, your closet needs to be organized. I color coded my closet. Then I can easily know what I want to wear. I like to keep my shoes and shoe boxes on the top of my closet. If you have Uggs, I suggest that you keep the box so that you can pack them up easily when the season changes. I like to keep scarves and accessories in a small compartment. You also want to keep the floor clear so it is much easier for you. Watch this video that is full of fashion.