Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Karmin Looks

   I love this band. She is a great singer and i just love her hair. The band's name is Karmin and they were discovered on youtube. Here is a video of  there hit song.

   The suicide roll looks gorgeous but I suggest that you only wear it to big parties or events. I really like the look but just not the name. My friend is a cheerleader and she has been trying to get her hair to look like that. I did try to get my hair like that, but I successfully failed.

             The Song

  i really like the song brokenhearted. I think Karmin has a good voice. In fact, they were discovered on youtube. Karmin was discovered by Ellen who let them play on her show.


  1. I love how the suicide roll turned out! It's simple, and cute!My question is, what is your favorite piece of clothing of all time?

    1. I really like sweaters. They look nice and they go with any outfit


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