Monday, May 13, 2013

Glass with Class

  How many of you wear glasses? Do you ever feel insecure about them, or just wish that you had better eyesight? Don't worry, here are some ways to feel comfortable in your glasses. You don't necessarily need contacts and you don't need to feel weird about having glasses. Here are some tips that will help you. 
  Michelle Phan:
This you tuber has almost a billion views. I think that Michelle Phan has some great tips on glasses, since if you type in "michellephan glasses" on YouTube, she'll have a variety of ideas and makeup tutorials to help you out.

I found this video, and I thought that it was amazing since it proved a lot about having them. She teaches you how easy it is to wear makeup with glasses, since they can tone down some of the boldest colors. For instance, you can wear super bright colors that wouldn't look so great without your glasses.

If you are wearing make up, add some primer to your face to prevent the glasses from smudging your makeup.

Go for a mascara that will give you a look of cleaner lashes, instead of one with drama and volume. That may cause the mascara to stick to your glasses.

Also, there aren't many disadvantages to having glasses, because I think that some glasses can really reduce the effect of dark under eye circles. However, glasses may cause sensitive skin to break out, since your skin many become irritated. Try to clean your glasses to eliminate all the dirty oils in them.

  When wearing glasses, I would go simple with the lips, but if you don't want all the attention to be focusing on your eyes, a bold lip color is a great look.

  Always bring a tiny eyeglasses kit with you in your bag so that you can clean them. Make sure this includes a washcloth. I would also recommend bringing any facial wipes to wipe some of the oils off your skin after Gym class. Usually, it's a good idea to bring some of the products you use with you to add some finishing touches.

  I also recommend that to make sure your glasses stay in top notch quality, take care of them, and be careful with them when you are running, jogging, or doing any type of sport.

Don't be afraid to wear glasses, since they make the world so much bigger and brighter.

            ~Beauty Queen

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Too Dressy and Chic for Spring

Who doesn't like the idea of beautiful flowy dresses that are comfortable and chic, instead of those ultra tight super skinny jeans on a nice hot or warm day? Well, there are some tips and tricks when it comes to dresses, so reader, beware.

  ps. I' so sorry for not posting in ages. I promise it'll be back next week!

Spring Dresses
                 So, the first dress incorporates somewhat of a collar. Collars were really in during the fall and winter seasons. This dress is also a lovely shade of yellow, and it has a very flowy material. I'm in love with the top because it's bejeweled and jazzed up. All the shades just compliment each other and it's gives it a glam factor. I paired this dress with a pair of Forever 21 espadrilles. I added these shoes to create a girlier look, but I also love that you can dress this up or down. I think that sandals will also go great with this outfit.

                The next dress is floral, and bohemian like. I love the floral pattern since I think the colors make the dress wearable for the summer and fall. I also love how it has a lavender theme to it. Since it is strapless, I do recommend wearing a cardigan or bolero over it, to stay warm. If you want to edge the outfit up, I recommend adding a leather jacket. I chose a pair of jeweled sandals, and the detailing is stunning. This would be a great for a typical day outside, or a lunch date.

               The next outfit is great for all ages, since the dress has a very unique design, and the color is bright, yet subtle. These dresses are so nice, since they are strapless, yet you can throw something over, without getting a heat stroke. So, I think the front is rather stunning, since the material is very flowy and sheer. I paired then with some printed wedges, since they bring out the color of the dress.

               For a lovely vintage and modern look all in one, I chose a polka dot dress, with a collar, to emphasize a bit of fall's hit. I think the polka dots are very in this season, and the material is also very flowy, which is a plus. I think the dress has a vintage and unique scheme to it. For the shoes, I also transported a pair of oxfords into a time machine;) However, this time, I added some heals  to the oxfords, which seemed like a very popular trend in the 1940's. It gives it an effortless glam factor.

             The next dress is for all of you denim lovers, who want to incorporate skinny jeans into the sun. This one has a medium wash in the upper part, and it comes to light wash in the rest of the dress. These dresses also remind me of the trends in the 1900's. It's a great classic and  chic look. To finish the outfit, I chose a pair of lace oxfords, which combine two of y favorite obsessions. I love how oxfords are sort of bold, but the lace gives it a feminine touch.