Christmas Countdowns 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town!

So these are all of my Christmas Countdown Posts. Each one is separated with a decent amount of space. I have introductions to each. Enjoy:)

Here are some gifts that the North Pole couldn't even pull off. Since the final days of Christmas are coming, I'd thought that I would do the ultimate holiday post. I know I have done numerous gift guides, but today will be the one that will cover every question and problem. So, instead of just doing lady's gifts, I will also focus on what to get for a guy. I know many of us are busy all season long, and I just wanted to post this before the last weekend before Christmas:) This will also focus mainly on accessories, not clothing.
The final Christmas Guide
I thought that I would get more creative with this one. For jewelry, I chose a showstopping bracelet. This bracelet includes multiple beads and I just think that this would be perfect for a party. I just love how each and every color compliments each other. Who can forget about Mickey Mouse. These are cute earrings that your friend will just die for. These are also really inexpensive, and I love the detail. Mickey mouse isn't just on TV. I always thought that Charm Bracelets were a timeless piece. You see them everywhere and it's perfect for every occasion. I personally love Juicy Couture's charm bracelets because it's really good quality. The best part is that you can keep adding charms to it!

If you have a friend who loves sports and she is really athletic, consider a cute workout bag. Duffel bags are a classic, and many professionals use them. They have many pockets that will keep everything neat and organized. However, I've never seen anything like the next bag. If you have a friend who is girly and also loves working out, they'll sure really mean it when they thank you. You can be stylish at the gym, and I love the designs. The lime green logo is splattered on the tote, which gives it a special effect. If you take a look below(sorry about the order) you'll spot some cute water bottles. Normally, most people own a plain one or a plastic bottle. Giving a water bottle is also Green and Earth friendly. I'm into anything extraordinary, and I think that words truly matter. These water bottles have cute catch phrases, and I think that they are really creative.

If you look at the nail polishes, you'll immediately realize them. I have been talking about these since the colors are gorgeous. I'm really picky when it comes to nail polishes, since most colors are really similar. I play piano, so that makes nails even more important. Essie's nail polishes come in every shade you could possibly think of. It's overwhelming when you see how many there are on the shelf at the store. I also find that Essie has great quality nail polishes. The colors aren't sheer, and they dry fast. My favorite thing is that each color has a special name.

For a handbag, I found something that I've spotted everywhere. Longchamp handbags are really useful. I see them mostly at the airport, since they are handy. I have one, and I have a size small. It's surprising to find that it can fit so much on the inside. Another great thing is that you can fold them up so small so it's great for the traveler. These bags are rather expensive($125) but I think that they are worth it.

These days, many of us are spending time on the Internet, as you are if you are checking out my blog. It's amazing to see how much technology we have and how much we are improving. I also know that many of us love music. No one likes the silence, so treat yourself to some music. I have the exact headphones at home, and the sound is great. It's a simple design, but I can promise you that the sound is crystal clear. I usually use these when I'm riding the school bus, and it helps the time past buy so quick. To find out more about music, check out my friend Bonnie's blog,

Along with all the technology, I thought about how everyone loves apple. Surely, when an iPhone comes out, we all rush to get it. However, does an i phone really look good all buy itself. A phone case not only looks cute, but it also protects it when we once in awhile, drop it. I think the first one has a great message, since it proves that"happy girls are the prettiest girls". I thought that this was a very unique catch phrase, and it might prevent people from becoming so negative. When I took a look at the second case, I was about to gobble it up. This was very creative, and it stood out to me because I have a sweet tooth. To learn more about electronics, go to my friend Maanthanki's blog,

Moving on with every girl's essential. Personally, I'm not a big perfume fan since some are super strong and I'm really picky. However, every once in awhile, I find myself smelling the perfumes at Sephora. I know everyone's favorite is Taylor Swift's wonderstruck one and two. I'm quite fond of these since they smell like magic. I'm into fruity and sweet scents, and this one just really stood out to me. These are not all that expensive, and this is perfect for that Taylor Swift fan of yours.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the ultimate gift. Friendship bracelets are perfect for a friend(of course). I like how it all turns out in the end, and I think gifts from the heart are the best. The bracelet shone is $10, but I thought why not make it myself. If you went to Summer Camp, you'll probably have some experience.
I have a video tutorial, if you want to make one instead.

The final Christmas Guide by ellazhu featuring christmas bracelets

This Holiday Season, don't lay awake thinking about what to get your loved ones. Everyone has a different opinion, and a different style. We all want something for Christmas and we expect to get it. However, if your friend isn't dropping any hints on what they want, here's a simple solution.

A Gift Card: The world of possibilities are out there! If you buy a gift card, it allows the person to decide what they want. Getting a Gift Card doesn't mean you didn't spend that much time into it. In fact, you wouldn't want them asking for the gift receipt. Usually, when I buy presents for others, I buy this for them.
For School, just some favorites
Top Places to buy it From:
I don't recommend giving them just cash. I recommend giving them a gift card from their favorite shop or store. Here are some of the places I recommend for everyone.

1. In my opinion, Marshalls is the best department store ever. It has everything you need, such as clothes for women, men, preteens, juniors, and infants. It also has toys, furniture, house decor, handbags, shoes. accessories, and food. They have everything you need, from wrapping paper to electronics. The best part that these are designer brands. When we hear of designer brands, we think of the money in our bank accounts suddenly disappearing. They also carry your favorite mall brands. However, at Marshalls, they have everything at least 50% off original price. It's pretty much goodwill there, except everything is new and they have the original retailers price on there. The sales get even better. I think this store is great for anyone who wants great stuff for less. Keep in mind, every store carries different items due to location. Visit to find the store next to you. Also visit Tjmaxx and Home goods, which are also owned buy the same company.

2. Nordstrom
We all know that Nordstrom is almost as good as Saks fifth avenue, which means it's very high end. Get a gift card from here if your friend has been wanting UGGs, which everyone wants. Nordstrom is also great because of their online website. It has free shipping and the sales have huge discounts. Now, your friend never has to wait in long lines at stores. Visit

3. Target
Target is a great store since it is also a department store. You can find anything you want here. There are video games and plenty of electronics, with everything you need. They have books and decor too. This store pretty much sells everything, and the prices are incredibly low. This way, your friend can buy whatever they'd like.

4. Starbucks and Godiva
If your friend enjoys fancy drinks, hot or cold, with caffeine or not, this is perfect. Everyone loves Starbucks, and many celebrities drink it. If you're friend doesn't drink coffee, they have plenty to chose from. They'll be thanking you, trust me. Sign up for a membership to receive a free drink, any size after you purchase 15 beverages. With Godiva, they have creamy delights, whether that special someone likes dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. It's great if you want to indulge in something great.

As you can tell, department stores are probably the best choice. Have a Happy Holidays! I will see you again on Friday!

- Beauty Queen
PS. visit many of the "coolest blogs around" to see their holiday thoughts!

Christmas Countdown.
I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting. I realized that I can't post everyday. Instead, I will be posting this countdown on Monday, wed, and Friday. I'm just really busy. I'd rather spend some time and write a nice post rather than just throw in a sloppy poorly written one.


Today, I'd thought about putting together a special post about Christmas Hairstyles. Every girl treasures her hair, and we spend a lot of time on it. So, how about some Christmas hairstyles.

I really like this video because it shows that you don't need a hair curler. Curling your hair with a hair curler can damage your hair badly. This is a more natural look.

The first look is awesome if you're going for a laid back yet preppy look. I like that it's a side ponytail, and I love the ribbon. Adding the ribbon gives do much more glamour and it adds a great effect.

Of course, the messy bun is a girl's go to look on a bad hair day. It's chic and it's easy to do. I see this look so much, and I personally love it too. I think the look is so gorgeous and you should definitely try it out.

The last look is perfect if you are feeling dressy. I like how the braids wrap around, creating a natural hairband. It's perfect if you want to wear a dress or anything festive for the holidays.
If you want another look, this requires a hair curler. It's good to curl your hair sometimes, but make sure it's not on a daily basis. You can use heat resistant spray, which helps protect it a little. I have a hair curler that's from Bed Head Tigi. It's really nice, but keep in mind that it can heat up really quickly and you might burn yourself.

I like this look because it's an effortless look. It reminds me of looks I see in movies and it's very appropriate for occasions. It can be worn whenever you really want. This video also includes make up. The make up incorporates red and green , so if you choose to wear it on a day nowhere close to Christmas, then I recommend changing the make up.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tooned for more! Comment and follow!

- Beauty Queen

Hello Everyone!!
So, can you believe that Christmas is rapidly approaching. It seemed like yesterday was thanksgiving and the week before was Halloween. With Halloween being rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy, it seems like everything is coming at us too quickly. Well, I'd like to ask you guys a question; What's on your Christmas Wish list? Anything you expect from Santa? Leave them in the comments below.
If you wanted to know........... I'm not that sure.
I really don't know what I could possibly want, since I have to admit my room is overflowing with things I have. I have pretty much everything I could ask for. However, with Christmas around the corner, I've got to make up my mind.
So, instead of focusing on what I want, I want to focus on what I have that I'm pretty grateful for:
1. Enough clothes to last me my life. I have a lot of items that I've never gotten around to, along with things I have lost( yikes) It's just an overwhelming amount, and I feel grateful because some people don't even have enough to last them a week. In many places around the world, the kids don't even have a pair of shoes, or a nice warm winter jacket. The picture to the right is very popular. This policeman asked this homeless man why he didn't have shoes. The police man was from New York City. He was dressed in full uniform and found it cold. It turned out that the man never owned a pair of shoes or socks in his life. Doing the right thing, the policeman bought him a pair of shoes and socks. I thought that was a heartwarming story.
2. A roof over my head
During Hurricane Sandy, many lives have been lost. I'm grateful for being here right now. Many homes have been lost. First, I thought of the Hurricane as a break, since I had a week off. I lost power for 11 hours, and that was quite frightening. Nothing destroyed me, but I realized some of my classmates lost power even longer. I know nowadays many people depend on Wi-Fi to survive and electricity. It was sort of torturous, with the fact that Internet was disabled. However, when I saw that many houses in different parts of the state had destruction to their houses, I realized that I was luckier than many of them. It was a life threatening situation, and I'm glad I survived it.
3. Education
When I spend my time learning, I know that this time was spent productively. Some kids around the world can't afford education. I'm lucky to be in school, and spending my time at school. I know some of us hate school, which I don't understand. School is like air; you need it to survive. Having another fact in your brain really expands your world. It helps you understand what's going on, and communicate with others. The truth is, this blog is for my English Class, but I think of it differently. I think blogging is fun, I can communicate with others. I'm not just doing this to pass, I'm actually doing it for pleasure. I know many kids are going to forget about their blog the moment summer vacation begins. I'm not that person. Another reason I like education is because of setting my standards as a student. The moment you step into that door and you take a deep breath, your future awaits you. For Christmas, I can't wish for an "A" because I have to work for it.
4. Food
Having the ability to come home with a warm meal and a drink is quite fortunate. Many people out there don't have food and others don't even have a variety of food. I buy lunch at school, so I have many options. At home, I eat something different for breakfast and Dinner. I'm fortunate enough to have milk. With food, there are probably a million reasons why, and it's true.
5. The ability to do extra curricular activities
It's nice enough to go to school, but the fact that I can do extra is even better. I take French and Chinese, which is a big deal since learning languages can make a big impact. It'll help you apply for college, and it also opens your world, especially when it comes to traveling. I know a bit of Spanish, too, but having 2 other languages other than English is phenomenal. I also play soccer which has been a great experience. It made me experience what it felt like to sweat and be on a team. It also made me cherish the sport, since it was quite fun. I never knew what it was like to be an athlete. I saved the best for last; piano and violin. I play piano, and since I've been to Carnegie Hall, I've realized I was special. Playing at Carnegie Hall is a once in a chance lifetime. Many famous musicians and singers have performed there. Since the lessons are quite expensive, along with the piano, I realized that I needed to work hard and train myself. I couldn't "wing it" and I devoted almost my whole life to it. In school, I take violin. I'm in the school orchestra and not many others take it. Most kids chose art, chorus and band. I really have a love and passion for classical music. I realized it was different than playing piano. With piano, it was solo. Now, I have to blend in and stay together, I'm thankful to play in concerts at school and live life the way I do now.

I can't tell you everything that I have, or feel grateful for, because it would go on forever. I can tell you that I have pretty much everything I could ask for, and those were just some of the basics. So, if you read this Santa, I just want to live the life I have now. I don't need anything under the tree.

Hi everyone. I know I did not post yesterday, and I feel really bad. I wasn't able to surf the Internet because my WI-Fi was not working. Right now, I've decided that I will put in the past, so we will skip #4. Don't worry, there will be a surprise later on.

Today's post will be about.........................drum roll please.......
Christmas outfits
This is a really long post; you have been warned. However, it's a special.
Are you visiting your family this winter? Are you stuck on what you want to wear? Fear no more, I'm finally here.

Of course, the classic holiday outfit during daytime is pajamas! Of course we think of presents the moment we wake up, as we head down the stairs, however, here is a daytime look if you decide to go somewhere:)My four top Christmas outfits
Outfit no.1:
A fantastic Christmas look starts here. This outfit brings out more of the floral patterns in a gorgeous look. We start off with a plain white sweater with mistletoe on the upper part. The sweater is very comfy and I paired them with floral bottoms. I really like these skinny jeans because they have patterns on them, instead of just one solid color. To tie the outfit together with some lace up booties. These are high heels, and they have laces along with lace detailing. I really like this outfit, and it's quite casual.
Outfit no.2:
For the laid back one; I chose this big and roomy sweater since I really like the design and style. I don't think that we need to wear a tight sweater since Christmas is all about the relaxation. I also really like the moose, since they remind me most of this holiday season. I paired this with a pair of creamy white skinny jeans. I added a pair of red converse, since they go with everything. If you don't own a pair, any sneaker will do, but I highly recommend them. This is perfect if you are lounging around or you don't have much planned.
Outfit no.3:
I really like this outfit, since it doesn't only include the colors. Christmas colors are mostly red and green. From the past two outfits, I included white, which is also a fantastic color since not everything has to be red and green in order to be considered a Christmas Outfit. I chose a grey cropped sweater with snowflakes. This sweater is high in the front and low in the back, which is very "trendy" this season. I added a pair of red jeans, which totally goes great with the outfit. I added a bold grasshopper green pair of boots. I like these boots, since this green is really bright.
Outfit no.4:
I chose of course, a red knit sweater. I love this sweater, since it's more for the dressy kind. I added a pair of mint green skinny jeans of course. I really like these jeans, since they have a special effect on them. I added a pair of loafers. I know mustaches are in, but why not eyelashes? I think they are super cute.

Below, I have a night look if you are sitting down for a feast or dinner. I think that these are very elegant and chic.
Christmas, night look

Outfit no.1:
For the ultimate classy look, I chose a red peter pan collar top. I really like the color, and the skinny black belt makes it look even better. I added these shiny leather shoes, and I really like this shade of green. I also adore it because of the wooden pump at the bottom. Without the boost at the bottom, the heel isn't that high. Wearing this is like getting the height but not the pain. For jewelry, I chose a pair of red dangly earrings, since this dress doesn't really need a necklace due to the collar. I added this very fancy clutch, which I think is a masterpiece. This really brings out every aspect of the holidays and Christmas.

Outfit no.2:
This outfit proves that red is good on it's own; I chose a white lace dress, with a three quarter sleeve, which reminds me of Kate Middleton. She really wears a lot of these dresses with these sleeves. I added a pair of bold red pumps, which add a pop of color. These shoes are really classy, and they go great with the outfit. I added a nude colored clutch, with diamond detailing. I like the detailing, since it makes it much more "unique"
I didn't think that this dress required a necklace, so I added these elegant red rose earrings. I think they are the perfect jewelry piece, with it's design and look. If your ears aren't pierced, that's perfectly fine. The outfit is stunning itself.

Outfit no.3:
Grasshopper greens are just the loveliest colors I see. The color is very bright, since I'm not that into dark colors. I also like it because it isn't that bright like neon. The dress is a strapless bow dress. It's very simple, but it's also classy. I added a pair of lace shoes, which really look nice. I love lace and I also like how this bow makes it look even better. I chose a golden clutch, and it's very fancy with the sequins. To finish the outfit off, I added a pair of big round studs.

What Christmas means to me: Christmas is more then just the presents, or days off from work and school. Christmas means celebrating a holiday with your loved ones, and cherishing the life you have. It's all about the love and the thanks we can give. It's very similar to Thanksgiving, but different in many ways. I feel that Christmas is much deeper then the presents. It all comes from the Heart.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and comment below! I wish you an early Happy Holidays!

Countdown to Christmas: #3

Holiday Nails!
We cannot forget about these bad boys! Nails are a great way of expressing yourself. Since there is no limit with nail art, why not do a Christmas themed one.

This video is yet again one from Macbarbie07. Personally, I think that Macbarbie07 has some awesome styling tips with fashion and beauty. Anyway, since all I really do on this blog is talk about fashion, I'm sort of taking a turn towards beauty. I mean, it wouldn't be Beauty Queen right?

What you will need:

1: nail polishes
2: Time
3: Creativity

I think that this is very simple, and you don't need a lot of fancy stuff. I also think that some things in the video is not necessary, so don't fret if you don't have one item.

Since, I am a nail fanatic, I thought that I would tell you some breaking Nail News. As you know through some of my other posts, I am obsessed with Essie. I was really looking for a nail polish that got my back, and didn't crack. I find that some nail polishes are really sheer, too. With the sheer ones, you just have to keep on applying and applying until you get a bold color. Since I really like Essie's nail polishes, I found out that they came out with the holiday edition ones. I believe that I did give you guys a brief summary about it, but I just can't stop freaking out about it. This season, the winter nail polishes are so pretty, and I like each and every shade. Since I'm really into blue(my favorite color)I want it the most. It's not just any blue though, it's more of a darker baby blue. Personally, I'm not that into dark blues.

Anyways, I really like these nails because it's a do it yourself one. I don't really like nail salons because it's not that worth it. I'm a DIY girl(Do it yourself) As long as I have the supplies, I'm good to go.

With these, they really bring out each and every aspect of winter, because everyone(almost) likes snow. In fact, not a single snow flake is alike or identical. I think that that also represents the human nature, since not a single human is alike. We are all unique and different:) A tip with this is to take your time. You have to be patient with the process in order to succeed.

Hope you try it out!

-Beauty Queen

Countdown to Christmas Day two: I thought I would write more of an informative post.
To kickoff, I started with beanies, since they are so adorable! Today, in the spirit of Christmas, I'm writing about Karmin. When I first started blogging, I wrote a post about them, and how to get Amy's suicide roll hairdo. Well toady I will be telling about the making of their new music video, sleigh ride. It's my favorite holiday song now:)

Karmin teamed up with Coach to remix this new song. Coach hired Rachel Zoe, also a fantastic fashion designer to style their outfits. Karmin shares all of the Christmas Joy with this season's must haves. At the Thanksgiving Parade, she wore the same plaid poncho or jacket, and a bright orange beanie. I thought that these outfits were quite creative, and the video is very festive.

Also, this pop duo were not only singers, they doubled as spokespeople for coach. The song is quite catchy, and Karmin had to add some rap to it, since they specialize in it. I thought that everything was well put together in this music video, from the sleigh to the red piano keys. Well, if you'd like to visit the official website, go to to see their picks. Also for a limited time, download this song for free at

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Kickoff of countdown to Christmas!
Today is officially the first day of December, which means we are starting my new segment! This segment is all about the holidays, mostly Christmas and other holidays. However, this segment will really be fun fashion wise, and it will include lots of crafts and baking. I know that this is a fashion blog, but this is an exception!

BeaniesAs you can see, I thought of the perfect idea. Beanies are a really great present and they are also fashionable. It's a great way to cover up for a bad hair day, or if you just want to add an accessory to your outfit. It's definitely something that you want under the tree. Also, I know that many people donate them to the newborn babies at the hospital.

Beanies come in many varieties and colors. I love beanies because sometimes, you'll find cute ones, such as cupcake inspired ones. As much as I love buying them, I also like to make my own.

Beanies are very inexpensive to make, and it's a great rainy day activity. It's simple and you'll be amazed at how it looks like.

What you will need:
1) A knitting loom of your choice and size
I bought mine at walmart for 15 dollars. It comes with 4 of them in different sizes.
2) Yarn, in the color of your choice
3) a hook(usually comes in a set with the looms)

I watched this video when I started knitting my first hat
Note, this is for a baby's hat. In my set, I used the second to Biggest loom to knit an regular adult sized one. This is a simple hat, but if you are a beginner, I suggest you try this first. Experiment with different colored yarn to make it fancier!

This is how mine turned out:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post:) Tell me if you try it out<3


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