Spring Lookbook 2013

When Spring arrives, so do the flowers.
Welcome Back to my blog! This is another segment of Spring Blogger's fashion by Jade and I.Today, I decided to post on floral prints, since I will die over anything like that in the store. (Literally, die over it as in throwing a tantrum) I've always thought that floral prints were a beautiful welcome message for Spring. .

For the first outfit, I chose patterns that are really appropriate, as they bring out aspects of an item. I chose a Spring Break 2013 bubblegum pink top(No idea what to do when you get to 2014) but this could act as a souvenir or remembrance of the good times.(You know what I mean?) Since the sunglasses in the outfit already have the colors inside, I decided to choose a similar pair of jeans. I love these jeans because the blue is so pretty, and I really love the flowers on them. They remind me of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. Since I thought that yellow would give a good pop of color, I Incorporated a pair of strapped heels, and a bag. I wouldn't recommend wearing heels if you are playing sports or riding your bike outside. This outfit just reminds me of bubblegum 99.9%.
Spring Floral
The last but not least, the cute and dressy one! I love the lace top since it reminds me of a doll and the stitching is just "a-mah-zing"(just to emphasize) I love wearing tops like these because you can dress them up or down. For the pants, I chose a pair of almost tie die and ombre pants, and I just think the orange in the outfit is gorgeous. The flowers also give it a more beachy theme. For shoes, I chose a bright orange heel and to top it off, I added a quilted lace bow bag.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Enjoy Spring Break and comment below for any suggestions. Also, feel free to browse Jade's blog!


WatermelonSpring is well, here. Nowadays, after that harsh cold Winter, we finally see the sun, and we feel that warm breeze. So, whenever I think of Spring, I think about how life is finally coming back and all the foods that grow. Thinking of food just reminds me of picnics in the Sun, and relaxing. Today, I decided to do a post all about watermelons!

I first took inspiration from these shorts I saw on polyvore. They were just so cute and it had a fresh theme.

For the first outfit, I have a green t-shirt. I love this green since it's very bright and it reminds me of a grasshopper. I added a pair of floral shorts. I chose these shorts because they incorporate some hints of the same green in the shirt, so it brings the entire look together. I added a pair of green converse to emphasize the idea of a casual and chic look.

For the next outfit, I chose a creamy lace tank top, which is perfect for the summer and spring. The creamy top is very feminine and it's very light and airy for those warm days. For the pants, I found the perfect color, and it's a mix of berry and pink, or as it would remind me of, "pinkberry"(if it exists). To finish the look off, I added a pa of striped green Sneakers, which really resembles VANS. The purse if just there because, well, I thought it was cute!

Watermelons are an exiting treat, and they have a fresh vibe for you, and a refreshing taste for your mouth. I hope you enjoyed this post!Make sure to look out for other segments and more from my look book!

Watermelon by ellazhu featuring green shoes

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