Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty is all within

       Most people think that this is weird. However, I really like it. It really tells you how crayola doesn't make the color of your eyes. Crayola makes every color imaginable, but everyone is unique. Many people look at themselves as a ugly person. No on is ugly. Everyone is special in the way they look. Many people wear clothes to make them happy, but if you are truly confident, even a garbage bag looks good on you. Most people need to buy a lot of clothes just because they are not confident. The way you look is the way you look and you can't change that. No one looks like you. Everyone is different. It doesn't matter if you are the most popular girl in school.
      Why is it not important to be popular? Personally, I think that all that matters is  kindness. You will look at the populars in a different way from what I am going to say; they are confident because they need people to make fun of. Yeah, everyone knows that these girls are troublemakers and bullies. They will act so arrogant around you and try not to show the fact that you exist. However, the truth is, they are going to be working at  Grocery Stores when they grow up because they just don't care about grades or respect. If any popularity happens, it should be from how nice you are. Everyone has there own group and you should find that. You belong where you belong.

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