Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kate Middleton; Princess of Fashion and Great Britain

      The most fashionable person in the world might as well be Kate Middleton. She stunned in that beautiful Alexander McQueen gown on her wedding day almost two years ago. In fact, on her wedding, she did her own makeup. However, there is more to the Dutchess of Cambridge. Kate was a normal girl, an average girl, before she married Prince William . She wasn't born rich and wealthy. Kate is really is a fashionista, take a peek at what she wore last year.

 However, being a princess isn't so easy. Yeah you get to have the diamonds, and everything, but you still have to do duties. You represent Great Britain and you have to help and reach out to people who need support. You also have to keep in mind that everyone is tracking you. What you wear is a big deal. Everyone will have different opinions but you will have to face them. You have to go on overseas trips and host important events. Basically, it could be hard at sometimes.

    Kate has great taste and always looks gorgeous. She can pull any dress off and she always recycles her outfits. I like the fact that she recycles her outfits even though she doesn't have to worry about money. Most celebrities just wear an outfit and then throw it away.


   QUESTION; what is your favorite outfit from Kate's wardrobe in 2011?

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    1. I think that Kate's wedding dress is the best. What about you?


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