Thursday, November 8, 2012

four fantastic outfit ideas

Hi guys! So, I've come up with a great look, and a neater one. If you ever get stuck in the closet, wondering what to where, here is a solution.

weekly look1Above, I have 4 outfits that really catch people's eyes. For the first one, I chose a studded top, since it gives it an edgy look. I paired them with blue tie dye skinny jeans, since tie dye really gives a unique look. If you ever feel that your jeans are too plain, I recommend these jeans. However, the most exciting part of this look are the shoes. These look really unique, and I think the color looks gorgeous. It has lots of chains and gold studs, so it ties the outfit together. The purse, really matches the outfit since I really like the shape. It's more of a hobo bag, but I really like it because of the gold chains. Now, to finish the outfit off, a nice polka dot scarf will do.

For the next outfit, I chose a nice peace sign shirt, and the cool thing is that it's lower in the front and longer in the back. For the jeans, I chose camouflage because I think the colors really compliment each other. I really like jeans with unique patterns on them and I encourage you to try it. For the shoes, I chose a vanilla boot. I really like lace up boots because they give it more attitude and style. I added a vanilla colored purse since it really matches the outfit. To finish the outfit off, I added a knit beanie. Knit beanies are really in this fall, since it adds a girly look to this outfit.

The next outfit really brings out the color black, since many people are afraid to wear it. For the top, I chose a beautiful black lace top, since I love lace. Another thing that I like is that the lace is on the neckline. If you already have lace there, you don't really have to wear any jewelry. For the pants, I chose black and white ones, since I didn't want it to be entirely black. Also, I don't see many jeans like these around, so they are pretty special. For the boots, I thought that grey would really compliment this look, and the shoes have studs on them. For the purse, I chose a cross body one, but it still looks good.  I like that this purse has a golden touch to it, because gold brings out many colors. To tie the outfit together, add a black bow to your hair.

For the last outfit, I chose a blue lace peplum shirt, and the color really looks good. I really like the lace and you don't need to add jewelry. For the pants, it really reminds me of a bubble gum pink, since the color is really bright. For the shoes, I chose lace up black boots, with pink print on the bottom. It really looks like something you would see on a celebrity. For the shoes, I chose a very beautiful blue bow purse. I think that the color really compliments top, and the big bow on the purse gives it extra dazzle. Finish it off with a white crystal bow.

I hope you guys liked the outfits! Comment below on your favorite. Thanks for reading and come back next time!

      - Beauty Queen

Sleeveless top
$43 -

Vero Moda printed shirt
$45 -

River Island sleeveless top
$35 -

Black sweatshirt
$30 -

Striped skinny jeans

Slim jeans
$105 -

Sisters Point skinny leg jeans
$72 -

H&M skinny leg jeans
$40 -

High heels

Studded wedge heels

River Island high heels
$80 -

Grey suede booties

Marc by Marc Jacobs zip bag
$665 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacob

Turquoise handbag

Kate spade

Beanie hat

Miss selfridge

American apparel


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