Friday, November 2, 2012

Lip Tips And Care

  Is it still beauty queen without "Beauty"
Of course, since I have been into clothes lately, I haven't done a post about make up or beauty. So, I thought that I should do a post about some make up tutorials. For make up, since I don't wear it at all, it's sort of hard for me to do. But, I do know a little about lipstick and lip gloss.

With the lips, they get chapped a lot. I know most of us are tempted to lick them, but they actually make it worse. Instead of doing that, I suggest a lip balm. I like to use the Nivea, a kiss of moisture. It is the basic one and it is essential for your everyday needs. If you would like other types, I suggest that you check out nivea, because they make really good lip They can be found in drugstores and many other places.
If you are going for a different type of balm, recently, I've discovered the cutest things around. These lips balms are called eos, it's a great lip balm because it's organic. It really soothes your chapped lips and they can be bought in drugstores and many other stores. For the store nearest you and to view the collection, go to Also, check out their other beauty products.

So, sometimes you want to add some dazzle to your lips to jazz them up. Well, if you don't really like lipstick, lip gloss is the next big thing. It's really pretty, because it really adds a shine to your lips. Many girls like to wear this as a substitute to lipstick because it gives your lips a shimmery look. I usually like cover girl, since they make great lip glosses. They can be found in drugstores and many other stores. COVERGIRL.COM

 Dior Addict
With Lipstick, it can get dangerous sometimes. You don't want to apply too much and you have to be very neat with it. I have never worn this before but I know for one that color does matter. If you want to wear a very bold red, I suggest it for a party, not for work or school. Usually, I think a pink or pale pink will add a very neutral look and that could be suitable for school or work.  If you are at a party, I suggest a more dramatic color. Yet again, I think that cover girl makes fantastic lipsticks at an affordable price. Also, you can try their new flip stick. I heard it it really good because it has two ends that can help you create the perfect lips that you want. However, if you want a more high end lipstick, Dior Addict is fantastic. This lipstick is very expensive though, because it is name brand. It's usually around $30 and it can be bought at Sephora.

Bonus Video=  This video shows many ways to get the fall lip. It's a great video and their are many great tips and ideas in there. Hope you enjoy!

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