Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving already?

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Hi Everyone;)
Aren't you excited?!

As you can see, my blog has changed.
Well, my old template was sort of getting old to me, so I had to change it. Anyway, please tell me what you think in the comments:)
   Anyway, let's get started! Ok, so it's almost Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  As excited as I am, today's post will be different. Instead, I want to talk about Thanksgiving Feast.
  Have you had that relative that you truly love and you can't wait to see them on Thanksgiving? You want to truly impress them and everyone there, but jeans and a t shirt simply won't do? Well, I have some outfit ideas for the style you want;)
   Outfit one If you really want to impress someone, This nice dress will sure catch someone's eye. I really like the color of the dress, and the bow looks really nice. The shoes are really glittery which creates a sparkly look. The colors really don't clash in this outfit, and they go well with each other.
   Outfit two I thought of some fall colors that we could incorporate in this outfit. The blue shirt really has a hint of orange in it, so I paired it with a orange skirt. I really like this bright orange because it's so joyful and cheery. It's very bright, since I dislike dark oranges. For the shoes, I chose these because I thought that the silver toe really added a nice touch.
   Outfit three This outfit is really cozy, and I really like the idea of a sweater dress. Sweater dresses are a unique combination, so that you can stay warm and stylish. The color is very appropriate for fall so I combined that with black booties. I really like these black booties because they have the color in the sweater dress incorporated it in it, too.
  Outfit Four this outfit also really brings out fall. I really like this orange because it's more of a coral one. For the skirt, I chose a red one, since red is one of my favorite colors. It has a black belt, so it looks more chic. Red really looks good during this season, so I added a pair of red booties. They have studs on them, so they give it an edgier look.
  Outfit Five This outfit is more about how to combine patterned objects and solid ones to have a balanced effect. You don't want to wear a very patterned outfit because people will look at you like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to have a balance, so that's why I chose this outfit. A nice patterned dress cannot be paired with just anything. Personally, I really like these classic high heeled shoes. They are a classic, so they are always in and they go great with most outfits.
   Outfit Six This outfit really combined a lot of what most girls like. For the sweater, the color is very appropriate for this season, and it looks very comfortable. I paired it with a nice skirt, which really goes well with the sweater. The skirt includes some designs, so it looks dazzling. To finish it off, I added a classic high boot. The color really works well with this outfit, and the boots are in right now.

    I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and please comment below and follow. 

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