Monday, November 26, 2012

How to rock those pajamas:)

Humans all need sleep. Girls need beauty sleep to give them power for the day to come. However, some people get distracted by the pajamas. Some of you will attend sleepovers, and since it's winter/fall, it's getting cold.
Problem solved:
Beauty Queen's rules to Pj's
1) be comfortable. Pajamas are all about the relaxing. Don't wear anything that is tight. Instead, go with plain things.
2)Be creative. This goes for everything in life:)
3) Don't spend so much money. Pajamas are very simple and just for sleep. They don't require so much time since you probably won't be wearing them out of the house. You can just wear sweats and a plain t shirt.
As you can tell, I really like pajamas. For the shirts, I find any tshirt that is already in my closet, so that's taken care of.Anything slouchy and casual is perfect. For the pants, the material really matters most. I like to wear flannel, since they are very warm and cozy. I also know that they make fire proof pajamas, just in case. I find them very comfy too. Some people like to wear long pants, while others like to wear sleep shorts. The shorts are perfectly fine, just make sure that you are warm and cozy. You don't want to catch a cold! As you can see, slippers are probably most exciting and you can get really creative with this. There are the classic bunny slippers, and many other types. They also sell booties, which are very warm and suitable!

Bonus: If you are having a sleepover, don't forget the pillow fight.

Sleepwear by ellazhu featuring plaid shorts


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  1. And what better way to go to sleep than to wear your most amazing and comfortable pair of pajamas. They are invented to make a person feel cozy and comfortable while maintaining a good cover up for the night.


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