Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sick Day Beauty Treatments

Good Morning or afternoon everyone. Today, I thought that I would write about some products that will make you feel better if you have a headache or a cold. It's flu season and many people out there are suffering.
What You will need first:
A good nights sleep. If you are sick or have a headache, get some rest or take an afternoon nap. You need all the sleep you can get to renew and restore your energy. Make sure your bed is comfortable and you have a peaceful environment so you can relax.

Step Two
Boost - Tangelo Woods Body Lotion - Aromatherapy - Bath & Body WorksMake sure you have a soothing lotion at the hand. If you can't go to sleep, I recommend the sleep lotion by Bath and Body Works. I like this lotion because the smell is very calming and it helps you sleep. They also make it in different scents and they have soap,massage oil, and many other things. Make sure to try their other lotions, too. To view the collection, go to

Another Lotion you might want to try if you want a boost of energy is The boost, by bath and body works. It smells like oranges, and they give you a boost in energy. It's good if you feel like you want to go outside but you don't have enough energy. These lotions are also very inexpensive because they only cost $13 and they are great quality.

Step Three: Eat!

What's your favorite food. When you are sick, I suggest that you eat food that you like. However, make sure it is healthy. I know most people like ice cream, and that is fine, but I prefer fruits or a nice hot glass of milk. There are many foods out there, and my friend Maansi has a great blog about healthy foods. Visit her blog:

Step Four:
Music, this is key, make sure you listen to music. There are many songs out there that you will like. When I'm sick I prefer classical music, since it soothes my mind. However, I recommend that you don't listen to rock or very loud music. Visit my friend Bonnie's music blog, To the right I have a lyric video of my favorite song, Good Time by Owl City Feauturing Carly Rae Jepson. The song can really brighten your mood.

Also, to make yourself feel better, watch some of your favorite tv shows. When you are sick, I recommend watching comedies, since they brighten your mood.

If you feel like going out when you are still sick or tired, here is a video that will help you. It's by MacBarbie07 of course, and she has great videos. Make sure to check out her youtube channel!

- Beauty Queen
Hope this Helps


  1. nice post, though I suggest making the text in the backround more clear. Just a suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to fix it.

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