Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Spectacular!

With the holidays coming up, you need to buy presents for your friends and family. I know this might seem early, but the sales are here and most people shop early.However, you don't want them asking for the gift receipt. As you can see below, these are some presents that can be found under the tree. I also think that these are affordable.Holiday gift sets

As you can see, I chose mostly beauty products and goods, not clothing. Unless you know your friend's size, I don't recommend doing that. For the first gift, I chose a Vera Bradley nail set. It looks like a handbag, but when you open it, a very handy nail set pops out at you. The second gift I chose is Essie's 2012 winter collection. Essie makes great colors, and they have great quality. Personally, I think that this nail polish is the best gift to give. They may seem pricey($8) per a shade, but it'll make a great present. Since Juicy Couture came out with some of their more affordable items for the holidays, I thought that this hoodie would be great. Since Juicy's hoodies are usually $100+, I thought that this was a great deal. This cost $50, and the material is super soft, and anyone will fall in love with it. I also like all the fur on it. Okay, what's a better gift than a beauty set. Victoria's Secret has many great beauty products, this is perfect. I have this myself, and this is the Love Spell scent. It smells really good, and they also have other scents. Another set is the Bath and body works sets. Bath and Body have a wide variety of sets, but my favorite is the Sleep set, from aromatherapy. They come from a special set, where it smells so good that it'll make you feel sleepy. It calms you down before bedtime and provides better sleep. Since I am very into good smelling things, why not get a Yankee candle.They have great scents, but recommend purchasing the sweet and cozy ones. The scents don't lie. Since Yankee candles are a little expensive, here's a trick. Instead of paying $30, you can purchase them at Home Goods for $10. The next thing is really adorable. I've realized that many girls like ugly dolls, and I saw them at Barnes and Noble once. I have to admit, they make great presents.

Stocking Stuffers;)

stocking stuffersIf  they like stockings and little presents, this is perfect. Stocking stuffers are really nice, since you can find a bunch of tiny things and stuff them into a stocking. These are usually beauty products, since they fit really nicely. For the first item, I chose a Lippy set, since no girl can resist lip gloss. I also think that the colors are perfect for this season! Next, I chose a Coastal Scents palette, since they are really good and inexpensive. It's tiny and the colors are very neutral and they are a beauty essential. The next gift I chose was a Stila holiday palette, since I thought it was very festive. The colors look gorgeous, and I love the snowflake. However, who can forget the Baby Lips by Maybelline. Baby lips are really moisturizing, and they come in many flavors. I also like the packaging, since it is very creative and colorful. Next, I chose another Essie nail polish. If it's a stocking stuffer, you can get any type you want, since they make all types of shades. Of course, we can't forget about technology. Pink sells beautiful earbuds, which I love because of all the colors. Personally, the jackpot is Bath and Body sanitizers. They only cost $1.50, and they come in a wide variety of scents. I love each and every scent, and it's perfect for on the go!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Make sure you give a homemade card with whatever you give!
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  1. Hey,Grace? Maybe you should do another blog on nail tips and stuff to do when you want to buff your nails and stuff like that. I think this post was especially imformative though. I have a lot more on my wish list now!!


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