Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recreating Taylor Swift's looks

Hello guys! Today, I thought of recreating some of Taylor Swift's looks.

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So most celebrities wear outfits that are super high end and they cost you a fortune. Most people want to look like them, but they think that they have to get the same things as them. However, many things can be found in your closet.

To me, recreating means turning someone else's style into my own. Sometimes it can't be the same, but I know that it still looks great. Don't worry, because the clothes here are super inexpensive and affordable.

For the first outfit, Taylor wears a very chic white blouse. Recently, blouses are very in and they go great with almost everything. I found one, just as good, for $13 at H M. Personally, I think that H M has great quality clothes for low prices. For the pants, Taylor sports some light brown pants with detailing on the bottom. Most of the pants that had the detailing at the bottom were really expensive and if I included that, it wouldn't be recreating it at all. Instead, I substituted a pair of creamy vanilla colored ones, that looked just as good. They  are only $32 so that is very affordable and I think they still look gorgeous. For the shoes, Taylor wears some maroon colored flats. I really like this color because it ties the whole outfit together and it's a brilliant shade of dark red. I chose high heels though, since I thought that looked great too.For the purse, I chose one that looked very similar to Taylor's. If you take a peek to the second outfit, Taylor is also holding a brown bag. From recent Photos, she has been wearing a lot of brown. However, I think that brown handbags are very in this fall, so you should definitely check it out. And if you want, add some accessories!

For the next outfit, Taylor wears a polka dot top. The top is really pretty and it adds some fun to your outfit. Instead Of choosing a more loose type of long sleeve top, I chose a short sleeve one. This shirt is really short, and you can consider that a crop top, so I recommend wearing something inside. For the pants, Taylor chose some red ones. Taylor has been wearing a lot of red recently( her new album) I chose a very similar pair, and I think that black and red go well together especially for this season. For the shoes, I chose these high heeled black pumps, since they are very chic and classy. Recently, I've really been into satchels, and I'm so glad that Taylor wore one for this outfit. The brown, yet again, still looks gorgeous with this outfit.

So, I hope you guys liked this post. If you ever run out of ideas for outfits, I suggest recreating ones from your idols or your favorite celebrities. Also, keep in mind that these outfits are very inexpensive. Please comment and be a member! I wish you all a happy week and Thanksgiving!

H M cotton shirt
$13 -

Glamorous polka dot top
$22 -

River Island red pants
$32 -

River Island beige skinny jeans
$32 -

H&M high heel pumps
$48 -

Brown satchel
$21 -


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