Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun to Wear Dresses

dresses for fun!

Hi Lovelies!Well, as you can tell today, it's all about the dresses. Personally, I am a little girly, but I like to wear pants and jeans, but that gets boring. Besides, there are many events coming up( The holidays!). But, if you look above, these dresses are all fun and unique.  Outfit One:) I fell in love with the first dress. I really like bows, and this one has a cat on it! It's very cute, and the dress itself is an accessory. The colors are also very neutral, so if you like whites, blacks, or other plainer types of colors, this dress is perfect for you. So, for the shoes, as you can tell, all the outfits have flats. I find flats much more comfortable than heels, and I think that they look just as good. These shoes really bring the outfit together, since they are black. However, the best part are the bows. They match the dress and they look fabulous!Outfit twoIf you like floral prints and colors, well you can say that this dress is perfect for you. The colors really brighten up the whole look, and I think that bright dresses are better than dark colored or dull ones. Another reason I love this dress is because it's also super inexpensive. The dress is from H&m and they have great quality too.Outfit ThreePink and gold! When you think about it, these colors compliment you greatly. The dress is a lovely pastel colored, and it's very elegant. Also, to add some class, black lace will do. It's also its own accessory. To finish the outfit off, I added some shiny gold bow flats. Outfit FourThis outfit has a lot of blue and greens. The dress is a beautiful colorful one, and the design is super cute. It also has this layer of material, which makes it looks a lot better. These dresses are all inexpensive, for great quality. Now, for the flats, these blue velvet ones with bows on them will tie the outfit together. For some reason, this might sound weird, but this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland because of all the colors.

If you want to set a trend, or play around with style and fashion, go to Okay, I guess that's it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below on your favorite and don't forget to be a member! I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, with a calm Black Friday. Spoiler alert; next post will be about Black Friday        

 - Beauty Queen

Gauze dress

H M floral print dress
$21 -

H m dress
$24 -

H&M skimmers shoes
$16 -

H&M skimmers shoes
$16 -

H&M skimmers shoes
$16 -

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