Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Outfit Ideas

Hello, who are you voting for?
Okay, there has been much talk about this presidential election. It only comes once every four years, so it's a big deal. Well, most of you feel that that is too political, however, there is a way to make this seem more fashionable for you guys out there.
So, My solution, a nice patriotic outfit. With my faux pas in revealing who I really want to win, the problem is that it might cause some arguments, or problems. So, if you want to represent America, it's obvious that you need red white and blue. I know that this could be considered a Fourth of July look, but with election day, it only comes every four years.
Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique Belted Dolman Sleeve Sheath Dress

Nina Satin ClutchRomi Boot

So, for the dress, I chose a red sweater dress. Since it's november, it's getting cold around my area. You could choose whatever you want, depending on wherever you reside. However, anyone can find a plain red sweater dress.  But, adding a black belt will really jazz up the look and make it classy. Personally, I don't really like wearing loose tops or other clothing. It can really define your waistline. For shoes, I chose a nice pair of blue boots. These boots have a nice snakeprint on it, so it doesn't look too plain. The boots also don't have to just go with this outfit, it can go with any other outfit that you wear. For the purse, chose a white clutch. Remember, this is more of a dressy look, so if you are attending a party or going to work, this outfit is for you. Now, the clutch is just plain white, so it can really tie the outfit together, you don't need a super sparkly thing to jazz up your outfit. You can flip the colors around, such as having red for the shoes instead of the dress. However, make sure you don't have too much of one color.

Now, most of you wouldn't wear this, because you prefer a very casual look. Well, I thought of that, so here is what you have been waiting for.

Michael Kors 'Drake' Silicone Bracelet WatchJC Crown TeeGivenchy Glass Pearl Stretch Bracelet

Kelsi Dagger 'Kris' Tote         Vince Camuto 'Fawna' Flat                           

For this outfit, it's very simple yet classy. For the t shirt, I chose a red t shirt, with a crown on it from juicy couture. It might seem plain, but it looks very interesting to me. For the pants, I just chose a plain pair of blue jeggings. For this outfit, I recommend some solid colors. Okay, a must have for this outfit is a cute jacket. So, since blazers are very in this fall, I recommend one in a dark color. I know this one is not red, blue or white, but it's navy, and that goes great with this outfit. For the purse, I chose a plain, yet simple design. However, I really like the bag because it's length is really long. It'll give your outfit a twist. Now, the shoes are really exciting. Instead of choosing just any plain white flats, I chose one with a black toe, so it looks very classic. It's also quilted, so it reminds me of Coco Chanel. Now for jewelry, a brace let of your choice will go great. It can really jazz up the outfit to make it seem more special. To tie the outfit together, a watch will really help, because you need to know the time. Well, just kidding. The reason I chose this watch was to give it a formal yet casual look. It really brings the outfit together, and you need to know the time as a bonus.
Just like the other outfit, you can switch up the colors but you can't have too much of one.

I hope these outfit ideas help. Remember, the election only occurs once every four years, so I encourage you to VOTE! (if you are old enough)

- Beauty Queen,
FOR 2016(Just Kidding)

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