Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you how to incorporate blazers into some outfits. I hope you enjoy my post and comment and be a member!Blazers 2 wear
 Blazers are some of these season's must haves. Blazers are not only for business people, they can be worn whenever you want. By adding a blazer, it gives a tailored vibe to any look, which is preppy and chic. Note: this was created on
 Outfit No.1
This outfit is sort of a casual version of how to wear one. I really like the color and the material, and I think that the zippers make it even more stylish. I paired these with pink salmon colored ones, and this color is super bright, and unique. Personally, I like blues, since I think the colors look nicer. I never really liked pinks, until I saw this color. I finished the outfit with some blue velvet bow shoes, since they go well with the blazer.
Outfit No.2
No one can forget about the classic. Black blazers are always in, since this color is very appropriate if you are going to work, or attending a formal event. Also, this season peplum skirts are in. I really like the design and structure, since I never really liked wearing skirts. I also like that it is red, since it gives a pop of color. To finish the outfit off, I added some black pumps, since they match the blazer.
Outfit Three:)
Out of all of these outfits, this one is my favorite.The blazer has a pop of color, that is also really pretty. The jeans have snake print on them and I think that it's better than the plain colored ones. With Jeans, I like to go with unique prints such as tie dye and animal prints. The colors white and red go well, so I added some white booties!
Outfit Four* 
Grey is just as good as any other color. Grey is a lighter version of black, and they go great with many colors.  I also like this blazer especially if you are going to work, since the color is very appropriate. However, I changed this to give it a more casual look. For the skirt, I chose a knit skirt, since they look gorgeous. I really like anything that's like a sweater, and this is very warm and cozy. To finish this outfit, I chose these lace up boots. I really like this maroon color, and it gives an edgier look.

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