Sunday, October 21, 2012


With Halloween almost here..........
The most glamorous holiday of all is Halloween. You can be whatever you what and whoever you want. There are many cute costumes out there too that you will fall in love with. However, I prefer a homemade style instead. There are many things in your closet that you can put together to make the perfect costume.

If you are looking for some costume ideas, here are some that are the ones on my top list:
1. Nerd
2. Zombie
3. A devil

NERDS RULE: For Halloween, I will most likely be a nerd. The costume is so cool because I love suspenders. Suspenders are a great accessory and it's a must have for a nerd. Also, they come in many colors and styles so you are guaranteed to find some that you love. Another reason is that the glasses are simply adorable. They look cool and stunning and they come in every color possible. The costume itself doesn't need to be bought. You can find the clothing items from your closet. It's very inexpensive and it's also a fun look. Here is a video by Macbarbie07. She has some great ideas about fashion and this nerd tutorial is amazing.

Zombie Attack: A lot of people like zombie costumes because they are scary. You can get very creative about this and it's really a fun costume. You can basically find an old plain shirt and rip it and pair them with some torn jeans. However, the most exciting part is the make up. Many zombies require black lipstick, something that you would probably never wear on normal days. Also you add some fake blood and the costume will turn out fantastic. In fact, people will not even realize that you are a real human.

A devil: I really like the idea of this costume because the horns are simply adorable. They add a special touch and there are lots of accessories. All you really need for this costume is some red. The costume can easily come out of your closet. Just make sure everything is red and add all the decorations you want.


 - Beauty Queen

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