Monday, October 8, 2012


              Pink Day

Lets raise awareness!

This is a quick post, but I think that we should all support it. Everyone is suffering from it and it is taking over everyone. Let's not let them suffer! Let's win this battle!

Ways to support:

Fundraisers- our school is raising money by selling items and they are donating money to charity.  We want to find a research and wouldn't you be proud if your dollar made the difference? They also sell really cool items such as pins, pencils, t-shirts, and anything that you could imagine. If you go to the same school as me or your school is also selling these items, I encourage you to buy. Their prices are reasonable

Walk- I have never done these before, but I really want to. I heard that they have an annual walk and the money they raise will go to charity. It's great to walk because it keeps you fit and everyone walks. Why would you not do it? Walking is very easy(I do not encourage babies who can't walk to join)

Helping anyone in need- If you know anyone who has breast cancer, help them when they need it. If they need help getting around or they need someone to do some chores for them, you should do them. However, don't go overboard! Do it from your heart and let's never forget our hope and courage!

On Friday, the blog background will be pink instead of my normal template. This will only last a day and leave any stories that relate to helping anyone in need, leave them below.

                      - Beauty Queen

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  1. I think that it's great that you are trying to get people involved! Cancer is a very, very terrible disease and it's always important to show that you care. Anyone who has cancer-fight on!


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