Thursday, October 18, 2012

Faux Pas

              Faux pas- People make lots of mistakes. There's a simple way to ignore them. 
When I think of mistakes, I think of getting less than 100 on a test. However, there are many ways we can make mistakes. For fashion, I hate it when people criticize what others are wearing. Hey, what if all you did was follow someone around all day? That would be boring right. In fashion you can only be right if you follow your heart. If you really like something, then it was meant to be. If you like sketchers and everyone is wearing converse, don't be afraid. Many girls I know want to impress someone. Also, I see many girls who are wannabe pops. All they do is follow around the populars and they think that they really like them. However, they are really just taking advantage of you. Whatever they say is a command to you and you treat the kids that the "populars" like to bully the same way. When you are part of that gang that bullies, you are a bully too. Most people won't listen to me, but they'll realize that they have wasted their lives on them later. I believe that the reason why we are humans is that we make mistakes and learn from them. If you've ever made a mistake, fix it. Remember, life is so short and limited. Why not fix your mistakes. It's all about you're style and you can be anything you want. Here is a song and also the song of the week. Be strong and I hope the music will inspire you. Face problems and don't run away.

    -Beauty Queen 

Against bullying and wants to be a true person. I dare you to be yourself and wear something that you have never worn because you were afraid on monday. Take the challenge.

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