Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet treats

          This Sunday deserves a Sundae

This is how everyone ends their weekend, by Sundae. Wait sorry, I meant Sunday. However, it is great to have a Sundae themed outfit.

Probably the best Sundae is a really sweet one that will fill your taste buds with flavor and delight. My ideal sundae has gumdrops, candy and strawberry ice cream!

With a sundae themed ice cream outfit, you have to choose your outfit wisely. Pastels will look great and you will really want to make it extremely colorful. Soft colors will make a gentle yet fascinating look. I mean, who doesn't like sundaes?

For a top, I suggest a pastel pink lacy shirt or a plain blazer. That adds a feminine touch to your fantastic outfit. My favorite type of material is lace because I just love the way it feels. For pants, I suggest wearing something sparkly or colorful. If you like jeans, make it colorful or full of prints. Don't let it be plain. If you want to wear a skirt, I like sequins. Wear a pastel colored skirt with sequins so it gives you a fascinating look. For shoes, since it's getting cold outside, I like long leather boots. Brown is okay but I think that white cowboy boots will go great with those colors. If you don't like boots, Mary Jane's are fine and oxfords are too. However, I think that you should wear leggings. Any color for Mary Jane's will go great but I don't think black will look so good. The same goes with oxfords too.

The main reason fashion is fashion is because of accessories. Outfit's like this will look good if you have a nice flower in your hair. Flowers add a great touch to these types of outfits because it makes it even more girly. Whatever happens, make it colorful!!

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