Saturday, October 6, 2012


          Happy Saturday!Sports Day!

One way I love to do is to show my team spirit. Being part of any team will make you feel confident about yourself, especially when you have great teammates. Good sportmanship is all that matters and I just love having the time of my life out there. Doing sports is great for your body, you can get fresh air, and it's your way to relax. For me, I enjoy playing soccer.

You know how everyone feels very passionate about their favorite football team? Most people will like to buy some jerseys to show their team spirit. You can feel proud to cheer for them and proud to be yourself. Recently, I ran out of shirts to wear because they were in the wash. However, a great idea occurred to me. Why not wear your soccer jersey to school? I knew that no one had the same shirt as me and I was extremely proud of myself. Whether my team wins or loses, I know that I am on that team and I try my best.

In sports, many people will look up to you. When I was watching the 2012 summer olympics, I admired all of the athletes. I knew that they had worked so hard in life and it only comes every 4 years. In sports and life, there is never a best because you have to keep on working to improve. If you stop working, everyone will catch up to you. Last year was my first year on the soccer team and I was probably one of the worst players. One goal that I had set up for myself was to improve my endurance. I wanted to be able to run like the other girls without being tired. My coaches saw that I had this problem so they gave me tips including that I will have to suffer in order to improve. I have to run longer and longer at home because I would die 5 minutes into the game. Our team also hated running laps but they made us do it. If you were the last person to come back after the waterbreak, you would have to run a lap around the entire perimeter of the field. Even though I was always the first one, I still ran with the girl who was last. Now, I can play any position and I play for the whole game( 70 minutes) without getting tired.

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