Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Animal Prints

             Animal Prints-

If you hate wearing solid,boring colors, animal prints could be the perfect style. Animal prints look great, especially if you love animals. I think that it will help you find your inner animal.

 For animal prints, I like them on my jeans. The plain jean is cool, but why not dazzle your outfit? In fact, they even make animal print shorts. It's a great way to look like an animal, and protect them. They make anything exciting, and no one likes boring.

I really like tigers because they are really cute and fearless. They look unique because I really like their stripes. My favorite animal at a zoo would be a tiger,too because it's interesting to watch their movement and behavior.
Many animals have unique coats. Zebras, leopards, cheetahs, and Tigers are only a few. Find your inner animal and comment about it below.

               - Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen is supporting Breast Cancer this week. You should support it, too. On Friday, I am looking forward to my Pink background celebration!

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