Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Is Fun

                        What Is Fun?

Previously, I have told you about this week's theme. If you haven't read, it is FUN. Fun can have a lot of meanings, but I think that it means enjoying yourself and being the way you are. For a lot of people, fun means no school. Others think reading and math. Even video games. Well, personally, I think fun is spending quality time. I don't really like wasting my time.

Fashion is really expressive about your inner feelings. If you are sad, you may wear dull colors. If you are cheerful, you might wear neons. For me, I just have my own style. No one has the same and no one can identify your style. Everyone just knows that they are unique. So throw in that wonderful smile and keep your chin up. You are you and accept it.Everyone looks better with a smile.

First from left to right top to bottom row: Carrie Underwood. She is a very down to earth person and such a great singer. She was just an average girl before she got in American Idol. Jacqueline Kennedy: She had a great sense of style before and after she was first lady. She was very elegant and she really loved kids. Princess Diana: A great princess who has done so much for our world. She had shook hands with very sick hospital children even though others suggested that she should wear gloves. She has donated lots of money to charity and auctioned off her own clothes. Sadly, she died in a car crash in Paris, France. The Mona Lisa: A very famous piece of art. It was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. The smile is really cool and it still makes me feel like as if my eyes are tricking me. To learn more, go to my friend Sylvia's blog athttp://thecreativecorner123.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-mona-lisa-mona-lisa-is-very-famous.html
 Kate Middleton: The Princess next door. She, was just like you and me. She has a great sense of fashion and she does a lot of charity work. She even did her own make up on her wedding day and she recycles her outfits. I think that it is great that she does that because most celebrities just wear something and then they would throw it away.Michelle Obama: A great leader for women and she has also helped children exercise. She is a great first lady and she is very eduacated. I really look up to her. I am showing these pictures because they all have something in common. They have a smile.



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