Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vera Wang

                      Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a Chinese fashion designer. She is most known for her collection of beautiful bridal gowns. Her fashion is based on what she likes herself, not what others think. This comes to play with what she did last year. She introduced the black bridal gown. Many people know that bridal gowns are supposed to be white, but not for Vera. Vera also designs normal clothing along with, perfume, home decor, shoes, and she also has a line in Kohl's.

With Wedding dresses, they are very important to your family. If Grandma wore a tablecloth on her wedding day, it would be a family heirloom. Vera has great ideas about what to wear, especially since her ideas are beautiful. Many celebrities have worn them on their wedding days.

Perfume- You would not believe how good her perfume smells like. I once went to sephora when I saw the prettiest bottle ever. It was Vera Wang Princess, and it was a light purple color. I sprayed it on my hand, hoping that the bottle was not just a cover up. When I sniffed it, I could not describe how good it smelled.

Normal- Some of the best fashion shows in the world are Vera Wang's. The clothes really look good on the models and they are really unique. As the same with many other designers, you would probably realize that most of these are meant to be on the runaway. You wouldn't wear a look like this except for a really special event. The styles will blow your mind away because fashion is all about the creativity. Ideas turn into, material, shape, style and it's very important to always have new ideas. Vera Wang is an overall good fashion designer. Visit her  . She also has a line called Simply Vera Wang. It's only at Kohl's and it's very inexpensive.

-Beauty Queen


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