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The final Christmas Guide for everyone!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Here are some gifts that the North Pole couldn't even pull off. Since the final days of Christmas are coming, I'd thought that I would do the ultimate holiday post. I know I have done numerous gift guides, but today will be the one that will cover every question and problem. So, instead of just doing lady's gifts, I will also focus on what to get for a guy. I know many of us are busy all season long, and I just wanted to post this before the last weekend before Christmas:) This will also focus mainly on accessories, not clothing.
The final Christmas Guide
I thought that I would get more creative with this one. For jewelry, I chose a showstopping bracelet. This bracelet includes multiple beads and I just think that this would be perfect for a party. I just love how each and every color compliments each other. Who can forget about Mickey Mouse. These are cute earrings that your friend will just die for. These are also really inexpensive, and I love the detail. Mickey mouse isn't just on TV. I always thought that Charm Bracelets were a timeless piece. You see them everywhere and it's perfect for every occasion. I personally love Juicy Couture's charm bracelets because it's really good quality. The best part is that you can keep adding charms to it!

If you have a friend who loves sports and she is really athletic, consider a cute workout bag. Duffel bags are a classic, and many professionals use them. They have many pockets that will keep everything neat and organized. However, I've never seen anything like the next bag. If you have a friend who is girly and also loves working out, they'll sure really mean it when they thank you. You can be stylish at the gym, and I love the designs. The lime green logo is splattered on the tote, which gives it a special effect. If you take a look below(sorry about the order) you'll spot some cute water bottles. Normally, most people own a plain one or a plastic bottle. Giving a water bottle is also Green and Earth friendly. I'm into anything extraordinary, and I think that words truly matter. These water bottles have cute catch phrases, and I think that they are really creative.

If you look at the nail polishes, you'll immediately realize them. I have been talking about these since the colors are gorgeous. I'm really picky when it comes to nail polishes, since most colors are really similar. I play piano, so that makes nails even more important. Essie's nail polishes come in every shade you could possibly think of. It's overwhelming when you see how many there are on the shelf at the store. I also find that Essie has great quality nail polishes. The colors aren't sheer, and they dry fast. My favorite thing is that each color has a special name.

For a handbag, I found something that I've spotted everywhere. Longchamp handbags are really useful. I see them mostly at the airport, since they are handy. I have one, and I have a size small. It's surprising to find that it can fit so much on the inside. Another great thing is that you can fold them up so small so it's great for the traveler. These bags are rather expensive($125) but I think that they are worth it.

These days, many of us are spending time on the Internet, as you are if you are checking out my blog. It's amazing to see how much technology we have and how much we are improving. I also know that many of us love music. No one likes the silence, so treat yourself to some music. I have the exact headphones at home, and the sound is great. It's a simple design, but I can promise you that the sound is crystal clear. I usually use these when I'm riding the school bus, and it helps the time past buy so quick. To find out more about music, check out my friend Bonnie's blog,

Along with all the technology, I thought about how everyone loves apple. Surely, when an iPhone comes out, we all rush to get it. However, does an i phone really look good all buy itself. A phone case not only looks cute, but it also protects it when we once in awhile, drop it. I think the first one has a great message, since it proves that"happy girls are the prettiest girls". I thought that this was a very unique catch phrase, and it might prevent people from becoming so negative. When I took a look at the second case, I was about to gobble it up. This was very creative, and it stood out to me because I have a sweet tooth. To learn more about electronics, go to my friend Maanthanki's blog,

Moving on with every girl's essential. Personally, I'm not a big perfume fan since some are super strong and I'm really picky. However, every once in awhile, I find myself smelling the perfumes at Sephora. I know everyone's favorite is Taylor Swift's wonderstruck one and two. I'm quite fond of these since they smell like magic. I'm into fruity and sweet scents, and this one just really stood out to me. These are not all that expensive, and this is perfect for that Taylor Swift fan of yours.

Last but not least, we cannot forget about the ultimate gift. Friendship bracelets are perfect for a friend(of course). I like how it all turns out in the end, and I think gifts from the heart are the best. The bracelet shone is $10, but I thought why not make it myself. If you went to Summer Camp, you'll probably have some experience.
I have a video tutorial, if you want to make one instead.

The final Christmas Guide by ellazhu featuring christmas bracelets


$32 -


Juicy Couture photo jewelry

Swarovski crystal jewelry

Tech accessory

Tech accessory

Taylor swift perfume

Water Bottle

Gifts for Guys....


So whether it's your dad, brother, or a friend, here are some ideas.
We all know that boys certainly don't carry handbags or bracelets, so this makes it harder. Fear no more, Beauty Queen is here! You'll find shopping for a guy easier than you thought it was!
You can never go wrong with a book. If they enjoy reading, I suggest "The Hunger Games". I know that this is perfect for everyone since this book is really popular. It's an interesting book and I'm sure that they will love it! To buy this book, go I recommend this to an Older brother or anyone who is a preteen or older.
Another gift you can't go wrong with is a good smelling candle. Everyone can enjoy this is their house. Some great candle brands are from bath and body works. They have some of the best Holiday candles that you should definitely try. Visit I also love Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle is extremely famous, and the candles have excellent quality. Visit If you want to find out about how to make one, visit my friend Jenna's blog,
 If you want to get an awesome gift for that dad of yours, give him a mug. Usually, I buy one, but you can make it special by taking a pottery class yourself! It's a great way to customize a gift, and it's definitely a gift from the heart. Here's a tutorial on how to make one:)
(The video is above)

All you really need to do is go to a local craftstore and buy a plain white mug if you don't feel like making one out of clay yourself. I can't really teach you how to make it out of clay, but the mug above shows you how to do it the easy way. Mustaches are one of the cutest icons right now, and you can also make many other designs!

Everyone loves chocolate right? I have a sweet tooth and I think that I'll never lose it. I love Godiva Chocolates, and the assortment is endless. You can buy a box that is already put together, or you can put one together yourself at the store. Perfect for a family member or friend!

Another gift that is perfect for him is anything related to electronics. Most girls focus their gifts with clothes or other accessories, but boys just prefer technology. The headphones that I recommended for girls, can also be converted to a guy version. You can choose a color that fits him, and depending on who, you can choose the brand. I know many guys prefer By Dr. Dre)However, these headphones are a bit expensive( $200 to $300). I know that other brands such as has great deals.

If you still can't decide, a gift card is your go to gift. A Gift Card let's him have full control on the gift. Just make sure you know what stores they like, or simply chose a department store. For more info, scroll down a couple of posts, or visit my Gift card Post


This video is for the people who want to know how to wrap a present. It's the little things that make everything seem better!

What you will need:
2)wrapping paper of your choice
4)ribbons and bows(optional)
5) a present to wrap

I thought that this was a really creative video since this you tuber found a unique way to wrap instead of the usual. I'm sure that these will look great under the tree.

Another way to jazz up a present is a card. I don't think you necessarily need to buy one. A homemade card actually shows more love since I think that it's one of a kind.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I have the links all here if you are interested in buying anything! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Overall a fantastic post!! I could just keep on writing how good your post is!! I just love that friendship bracelet!! Also, please do enter my contest!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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