Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick Message plus a special question:)

    Today, I'm just starting a contest. As a blogger, I want to know how you think of my blog. In the comments below, I'd appreciate if you could tell me which post you liked of 2012.

  The second thing is that I've started a new blog. This is more like a follow up to this blog, and I decided to name it Beauty Princess. These blogs will be very similar to this one, and I think of it as a family of blogs. I don't have much up yet, so here is the . Please follow or give advice on my new blog. For those of you interested in music, visit my other blog, .

Please comment below on your favorite. This is just a quick note, and I wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday!

Note:these pictures were taken by me:)


  1. What do I think about your blog!? I think it is awesome! I love it because it has both of my favorite things fashion and beauty of course! :p And you add a lot of information with your Polyvore creations! :) You have really inspired me and make sure to blog recently for me and all of the other fashionistas and beauties! And please follow my blog with your other blogs
    I will make sure to check out all of your blogs! :) -Angela

  2. i liked the holiday nails one because i love doing my nails and i have so much fun doing them


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