Sunday, December 2, 2012

Follow up with Karmin, #2

 Countdown to Christmas Day two: I thought I would write more of an informative post.
To kickoff, I started with beanies, since they are so adorable! Today, in the spirit of Christmas, I'm writing about Karmin. When I first started blogging, I wrote a post about them, and how to get Amy's suicide roll hairdo. Well toady I will be telling about the making of their new music video, sleigh ride. It's my favorite holiday song now:)

Karmin teamed up with Coach to remix this new song. Coach hired Rachel Zoe, also a fantastic fashion designer to style their outfits. Karmin shares all of the Christmas Joy with this season's must haves. At the Thanksgiving Parade, she wore the same plaid poncho or jacket, and a bright orange beanie. I thought that these outfits were quite creative, and the video is very festive.

Also, this pop duo were not only singers, they doubled as spokespeople for coach. The song is quite catchy, and Karmin had to add some rap to it, since they specialize in it. I thought that everything was well put together in this music video, from the sleigh to the red piano keys. Well, if you'd like to visit the official website, go to to see their picks. Also for a limited time, download this song for free at

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Great post! Anyway there is something in my inbox and it asks join polyvore. What is it?!

  2. Thanks:)
    Polyvore is a fashion website. It let's you experiment on clothes to create the perfect outfit. You know all the collages I make on this blog? I made them on Polyvore!


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