Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Nails:) #3

  Countdown to Christmas: #3

Holiday Nails!
We cannot forget about these bad boys! Nails are a great way of expressing yourself. Since there is no limit with nail art, why not do a Christmas themed one.

This video is yet again one from Macbarbie07. Personally, I think that Macbarbie07 has some awesome styling tips with fashion and beauty. Anyway, since all I really do on this blog is talk about fashion, I'm sort of taking a turn towards beauty. I mean, it wouldn't be Beauty Queen right?

What you will need:

1: nail polishes
2: Time
3: Creativity

I think that this is very simple, and you don't need a lot of fancy stuff. I also think that some things in the video is not necessary, so don't fret if you don't have one item.

Since, I am a nail fanatic, I thought that I would tell you some breaking Nail News. As you know through some of my other posts, I am obsessed with Essie. I was really looking for a nail polish that got my back, and didn't crack. I find that some nail polishes are really sheer, too. With the sheer ones, you just have to keep on applying and applying until you get a bold color. Since I really like Essie's nail polishes, I found out that they came out with the holiday edition ones. I believe that I did give you guys a brief summary about it, but I just can't stop freaking out about it. This season, the winter nail polishes are so pretty, and I like each and every shade. Since I'm really into blue(my favorite color)I want it the most. It's not just any blue though, it's more of a darker baby blue. Personally, I'm not that into dark blues.

Anyways, I really like these nails because it's a do it yourself one. I don't really like nail salons because it's not that worth it. I'm a DIY girl(Do it yourself) As long as I have the supplies, I'm good to go.

With these, they really bring out each and every aspect of winter, because everyone(almost) likes snow. In fact, not a single snow flake is alike or identical. I think that that also represents the human nature, since not a single human is alike. We are all unique and different:) A tip with this is to take your time. You have to be patient with the process in order to succeed.

Hope you try it out!

-Beauty Queen


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