Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Solutions

  This Holiday Season, don't lay awake thinking about what to get your loved ones. Everyone has a different opinion, and a different style. We all want something for Christmas and we expect to get it. However, if your friend isn't dropping any hints on what they want, here's a simple solution.

A Gift Card: The world of possibilities are out there! If you buy a gift card, it allows the person to decide what they want. Getting a Gift Card doesn't mean you didn't spend that much time into it. In fact, you wouldn't want them asking for the gift receipt. Usually, when I buy presents for others, I buy this for them.
For School, just some favorites
Top Places to buy it From:
I don't recommend giving them just cash. I recommend giving them a gift card from their favorite shop or store. Here are some of the places I recommend for everyone.

1. In my opinion, Marshalls is the best department store ever. It has everything you need, such as clothes for women, men, preteens, juniors, and infants. It also has toys, furniture, house decor, handbags, shoes. accessories, and food. They have everything you need, from wrapping paper to electronics. The best part that these are designer brands. When we hear of designer brands, we think of the money in our bank accounts suddenly disappearing. They also carry your favorite mall brands. However, at Marshalls, they have everything at least 50% off original price. It's pretty much goodwill there, except everything is new and they have the original retailers price on there. The sales get even better. I think this store is great for anyone who wants great stuff for less. Keep in mind, every store carries different items due to location. Visit to find the store next to you. Also visit Tjmaxx and Home goods, which are also owned buy the same company.

2. Nordstrom
We all know that Nordstrom is almost as good as Saks fifth avenue, which means it's very high end. Get a gift card from here if your friend has been wanting UGGs, which everyone wants. Nordstrom is also great because of their online website. It has free shipping and the sales have huge discounts. Now, your friend never has to wait in long lines at stores. Visit

3. Target
Target is a great store since it is also a department store. You can find anything you want here. There are video games and plenty of electronics, with everything you need. They have books and decor too. This store pretty much sells everything, and the prices are incredibly low. This way, your friend can buy whatever they'd like.

4. Starbucks and Godiva
If your friend enjoys fancy drinks, hot or cold, with caffeine or not, this is  perfect. Everyone loves Starbucks, and many celebrities drink it. If you're friend doesn't drink coffee, they have plenty to chose from. They'll be thanking you, trust me. Sign up for a membership to receive a free drink, any size after you purchase 15 beverages. With Godiva, they have creamy delights, whether that special someone likes dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. It's great if you want to indulge in something great.

As you can tell, department stores are probably the best choice. Have a Happy Holidays! I will see you again on Friday!

     - Beauty Queen
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