Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day Beauty Products

Valentine's Beauty ProductsWe all know that Valentine's Day is just around the corner( but there's still so much to do!) Today, I will be showing you some of my recommended beauty products, along with introducing my new favorite YouTuber! I promise you that next week I will have Valentine's Day outfits!

It's that time of year again, and for those of you that are at home, don't worry, because I believe that love will tell you where to go. Girl's tend to be the most excited, as they are already making plans. However, we all make those mistakes. Don't you worry, because this year, we are going to prevent it, along with being prepared and extra glamorous.

To start of with nail polish, Valentine's day is all about the inner girl in yourself, and all the elegance than we own. Pastels are ideal colors, since they are light colors and gentle ones. Using a bold color  will change the whole day. I think that Valentine's Day is where we all travel back in time where we went through that phase in tutus and had to have everything pink.

For this video, I selected one by cutepolish. Now, I know many of us know her, and in case if you are wondering, she is not the Youtuber I am talking about. I chose this video because I just love the plaid look with the heart, which reminded me of every aspect of Valentine's Day.

One girl should always carry around some perfume. Perfume makes a person smell better, and sometime's even more confident. It's great to find a perfume you love, and I have to say I love Chanel Chance. If you want to find some tips on perfume, I found this awesome video by Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan has over 2.5 million subscribers, and well over 600,000,000 video views. She started her channel in 2006, and has been blossoming ever since, However, I take inspiration from her since she is so down to earth and she's got this amazing personality. She always knows how to relate to viewers, and she does all sorts of stuff from DI Y's to outfit ideas. Michelle Phan also films all of the video's on Lancome's website. Subscribe to Michelle Phan 's Channel.

With lipsticks, go for that Barbie like bubblegum pink, or that deep red. I really love light pinks and the one I have here, reminds me of bubblegum. To find out what type of red lipstick fits you, here's a video. I think that red lipsticks aren't so easy to pull of, since t's a very bold color. If you don't know the right tips, it won' t look so normal. I recommend carrying one of these lipsticks in your purse, since it can instantly save you at a party.

Before you think of putting anything on your lips, make sure they are moisturized! Nothing's more unattractive than a flaky pout, and all you need is a lip balm, which is super inexpensive. Also, sometimes you don't need lipstick when you have lip balm on.

An interesting idea I found for blush was hot chocolate! Can you really believe it? Well, you're going to have to refrain from eating what's on your face, but it's very simple. It's worth a try, and I recommend doing it, since if you change your mind, you've got a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy!

Hope I helped you guys! Comment on your favorite beauty product, or any you recommend for Valentine's Day!

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Christian dior
$46 - harrods.com

$115 - debenhams.com

Christian dior

Christian dior
$28 - harrods.com


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