Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Laid Back Outfits

There are days when I wake up, and I have a terrible headache or I'm feeling under the weather. In other words, I'm sick. The truth is, nowadays, we don't have time to rest. We're all extremely busy and becoming sick is an obstacle in life. I know how it feels and how miserable it feels, so I created two outfits that are perfect if you are in a sticky situation like this. Two laid back outfits
When I'm sick, all I feel like doing is staying in my pajamas all day long. The first outfit includes this brilliant Tiffany blue sweatshirt with a picture of a green and blue eyed cat. I love anything graphic when I see it, and it's just simply a sweatshirt that's really comfortable. I added a pair of comfy yoga pants, and I love the leopard print. I like yoga-pants  since they are basically leggings, but in a more athletic like way. To finish the outfit, I added a pair of Toms, which are classic and chic. I love Toms, since if you buy a pair, they will donate a pair to a less fortunate person in the world. I think that not only will you like the way they look, but you'll also feel proud of yourself. A little kindness can go a long way. This is perfect for an outfit if you're just going somewhere when you're sick(getting ice cream)or just at home.

This may seem not as laid back, but it's casual. This is a classic look that many people wear, and it's simply effortless. It's great even if you're feeling lazy! First I added a slouchy t shirt, and I love the high low part in the front and back. I added a pair of classic skinny jeans, since sometimes I find them comfortable. However, I also recommend wearing jeggings, since they're super comfortable and they feel like sweatpants!Last but not least, the Classic Converse. Converse is affordable, and you can't go wrong with them.

Hope You Enjoyed this Post! Leave a comment below on your favorite outfit!

~Beauty Queen

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