Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chriselle Lim

    A change in 

So every fashion blog loves Macbarbie07, and I have to admit she makes awesome videos. However, I wanted to find a different youtuber, since I recently found out that many other fashion blogs were also writing about the same videos by macbarbie07.

  One day, when I was on Google+, I saw that Juicy Couture had recommended this video since it had everything Juicy. So, they lured me into the trap, and here I was, watching videos. The video was California Dreaming, and I thought that it had a good point, since you could style many outfits with one piece of clothing.
Chriselle Lim has well over 300,000 subscribers and million and millions of video views. Sometimes, I find that Youtube is better than a fashion magazine.

Now, the reason I liked this video is because most people could relate to it. If you have a sister, it'll probably be very handy when it comes to sharing clothes, or if you have many different styles. I'm pretty sure no one wears the same t shirt with the same outfit. Sometimes, you just have to mix and match. I think that no one really only has one style like classic or trendy. Maybe you are classic and you like trendy sometimes, too. There are plenty of styles out there, and many await you.
Here is the link to Chriselle Lim's Channel .

If you ever need any help with fashion tips or styling outfits, make sure to subscribe to her channel:)

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