Monday, January 7, 2013

Special Thank You:)

 So I've been posting a lot and I haven't had a Thank You post since October. Right Now, I'm working really hard on a post that I have jotted down many ideas on, and I can't wait until I post it. I just wanted to fill you guys in, since this post takes up a chunk of my time and I didn't want to be not posting for a long time.

This post goes out to all of you that have commented, or reading this now. I know you might not think about it like this, but a comment really makes my day. Some of them are quite flattering, and I can't find a way to thank everyone. I just feel that everyone is just too nice. Since my blog isn't one of those wildly popular ones with thousands of followers, when you comment, I'm able to go through all of them, read them, and reply. It's just a great feeling when you work so hard on a piece, and someone just puts in their thoughts or opinions. I'm also so thankful that my blog is universal, since I love checking the status and my globe. I get views all over the world, and even if it were only one from a distant country, I get really excited. The cool thing about the globe is that sometimes, when you guys are on, I can see your dot on the globe flashing with it's country, and city.

Thanks........SO MUCH:)

   ~Beauty Queen

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