Thursday, April 11, 2013

Preview Of Handbags!

It feels like Summer already where I live. With the cold winter out, why don't we celebrate! On polyvore, I found some classic, timeless, and trendy pieces I found. Spring Handbag Faves
So, in this post, I ended up finding a lot of Kate Spade bags. Kate Spade is such a revolutionary brand, and they are so creative when it comes to designing. I really love how the first handbag is classic, but with a twist. This hot pink is really bright, and it seems perfect for such a season. I think this is your everyday handbag, and you can also find these in many colors. Another thing is that the quality is exceptional, and it's basically Chanel, except Chanel is 10 times the price. I definitely recommend this handbag because it's so detailed and yet so simple.

For a lovely picnic, or a day you don't feel like carrying much, a cross body bag is at your service. I love cross body bags because you feel so free since you don't have to worry about them falling off. I chose this white studded one from juicy couture, and I think White goes great in Spring and Summer. It gives it such a heavenly feeling, and the gold really brings out the white, and these elements are perfect with each other. Spoiler alert: post on what to carry in tiny bags coming soon.....

Yet, this is another Kate Spade bag, and I love the little bows. I think bows are perfect for this season, and they just jazz everything up. However, the color blue me away! It's such a nice Robin Egg's Blue, and I absolutely love the effect of blue and gold. This bag also has an awesome structure, which is perfect if you prefer the handbags that have a bit more stage. When I first saw this, it reminded me of Prada for some strange reason.

The next bag is a beach tote, and I know it's not Summer yet, but it's hot enough sometimes(like today! It's 80 degrees where I live!) So, this one is by Juicy couture, but I love how it's not plain. Usually, I see the plain weaved ones, but this one is very creative and different. Besides who doesn't like the beach? As long as you bring sunscreen, you'll be pleased with this bag and your day!

 Kate Spade, again.........So this one has a floral pattern and a solid orange. I think the colors compliment each other, since the orange is such a lively color. However, without the pattern, it would be rather plain. This also incorporates somewhat of a form of color blocking.

I also found another bow bag, and this one is more trendy than classy. This one is made out of a rather glossier material, and it is more colorful. This bag is a perfect tote, and it can also serve as a beach bag.

Like I said before, I love Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bags! I love the style and structure, and the material is to fall for. This also reminds me of the previous cross body bag, since it also has some gold hints in it. This bag is perfect for everyday use in the spring. Another thing is that the straps don't fall off, and they are especially roomy, even though they appear not. Also, the accessories on these bags are gorgeous.

Tory Burch has always been one of my favorite designers since the beginning of time. I love how classic and simple this clutch is, but it is made with such good quality. I love the deep blue, since it reminds me of the ocean, and the gold really compliments the whole clutch. I recommend adding gold to any solid colored or boring outfit, to instantly change it up.

Mulberry is quite a brand. It is successful, and expensive. However, I thought that this bag really stood out, and it has a really nice texture and lining, which makes it look like a flower. It's also a lovely pastel, and I love the way the bag closes. It also includes the iconic gold chain.

So this is part of Juicy Couture's new collection for the season. I love how this baby blue is mixed with beautiful gems, and the handle. I also love how compact it is, and it looks gorgeous for everyday wear. These light bags make a person feel so much more free!

The last bag is perfect for all occasions, as long as you don't need to pack a lot. I suggest taking this Kate Spade bag with you on a nice walk, to the beach, or around town. I love how the color pops, and it instantly puts me in a good mood. This bag is also classic, but it has a bit of a twist!

Thanks for reading my super long post, but please comment below! I know that these bags may be expensive, but I plan on a Diy for next post on a handbag! I would appreciate it if you'd comment on your favorite, since they make my day! Also, spread the word of my blog and follow!

  ~Beauty Queen
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