Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring into the Season

I'd like to start off with the fact that I'm really sorry for not posting in such a long time. So Today, I've thought of a cute yet fun post, starring my best friend, nail polish. So Essie has been a long time favorite of mine, since they are exceptional quality and you can purchase them at so many places. I also love the creative names they've come up for the shades, and how many they are. I chose some colors that I thought were fit for Spring.Nail Polishes for Spring
The first color on the top left is simply something to adore. This color has red, orange and pink mixed up, giving it a candy apple vibe. However, the true name of the shade is hip-anema . This color is so bright and gorgeous, and it's very cheerful.

The color next to it on the right is a bubblegum pink, and it resembles a very girly pink, almost barbie like. This color reminds me of the cherry blossoms, and it's a spectacular color for the season. The colors true name is Madison Ave-Hue, which is perfect for it's New York Vibe.

If you look down to the left, you see a gorgeous pink. You may think it's the same as the one before, but it's actually different. This one makes me think about cotton candy, and it seems a couple of shades lighter than the last. I love this nail polish and it's my favorite out of the whole collection. I think this baby pink really compliments every outfit. The name of this polish is Tart Deco.

Let's skip to the blue nail polish in the blue frame. Immediately, I thought of the beach, or a nice clear blue sky. This color reminds me of the ocean because of how rich it is, and how lovely this looks on nails. It also reminds me of the sky because this brings back memories of how much I cherish good weather days. The name of this shade is avenue maintain.

Last but not least, we have a grasshopper green. This color looks great on all nails, do to how deep and rich in color it is. I also loved how gold looked so nice with it. This color can be worn any season since it also reminds me of Christmas, yet it is also wearable for spring.

I also recommend adding a base coat before you apply any nail polish. This can protect your real nails. A special treatment you can do to pamper nails is applying some olive or almond oil to them and then wash off.

Adding a top coat can secure your whole look, and prevent from cracking. Top coats also provide a nice glossy shine. If you prefer matte nails, watch this video I found. Like she said in the video, "lighting two candles with one flame". You can make use of steam, and it's more Earth Friendly and affordable.

I hope you enjoy Spring and I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!


  1. I love all these colors! I've actually been looking at essie nail polish for awhile, and I've fell in love with the colors! The only con is that they seem a bit expensive... Is there another alternative that you'd recommend?

  2. Well, it is sad that they are $8, which isn't much of a good deal since most nail polishes are less. However, I've been to Walgreens and I've seen the last chance shelf and I bought one for $4. Also, you should find your nearest Marshalls. It's a department store that sells everything at half price, and they have pretty nice deals. They have designer brands that they have at the mall, and I once bought an essie nail polish for only $2. The quality is great,too. I also know that Rite Aid will have special deals on it at times, such as buy 5 get one free, but it's not too good. Essie's hardly go on sale. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed my post! Hope I helped you!

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